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Gabriel Dumitrescu may hail from the land of Dracula’s Castle, but there is nothing supernatural about his bakery, Our Daily Bread. This high quality organic bakery shop in Lake Norman is home to the simple, Old World traditions Gabriel learned as a child growing up in the Transylvania region of Romania.

Mr. Dumitrescu moved his family to California in 2000 with dreams of opening his own bakery. But his aspirations of making it in the land of opportunity needed financing, so initially he had to work as a truck driver to pay the bills. The family relocated to Cornelius, NC about two years later, and after more than a decade of squirreling away money, he was finally able to get back to his sole passion and opened “Our Daily Bread” in March of 2013.

“Bread making is an art, and every loaf of bread is its own work of art,” he says. “Your hands are your most important tools for consistency, along with excellent ingredients. This is my dream. There is nothing I would rather be doing.”

The bread Dumitrescu bakes every day is the cornerstone of the sandwiches he makes, some with European influences, like German Schnitzel, as well as more familiar fare including Philly cheese steak, grilled chicken or cold-cut combos. You can have them made on European or sourdough, rye, wheat, German rolls, baguettes, and more. With a taste so good! It’s no wonder why individuals & restaurants throughout the community pay him a daily visit to get a taste of his good quality organic bread recipes.


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