Quality Is Top Priority

When asked how important is quality? The owner Gabriel replied, “Quality is everything!, it’s the attention we give to every detail. From mixing the ingredients,  kneading the bread, to cooking and storing them in the proper temperatures and environments. Quality is everything!”

Mr. Dumitrescu arrives at his Cornelius location as early as 3am many days to begin his work day. Although the bakery doesn’t open to the public until 7am, Gabriel deans it necessary to arrive as early as possible. “Quality takes time,” he says. “We have to make sure the bakery is at the correct temperature and all mixed ingredients are at its best qualities.  Thereafter, we make certain that there’s more than enough bread and pastries to service walk-in customers, food distribution centers, restaurants and special orders.”

After his team prepares the breads, Gabriel reviews them carefully, making sure they all meet his requirements. They are then bagged or placed on shelves in the perfect temperature. At 7am, the doors are open to the public and in no time at all, customer rush in to get a warm pastries, breakfast sandwich & a cup freshly made coffee.

 Why Restaurants & Sub Shops Use Our Bread

It’s no wonder why Our Daily Bread Bakery has become the #1 place to find good quality organic bread. They’ve done a great job getting the word out throughout Lake Norman & surrounding areas and the local community absolutely love them. In such a short period of time restaurants such as Harvey’s (Cornelius & Huntersville), Cork & Cask and several Greek restaurants throughout Charlotte have locked arms with Gabriel and his team to allow them to provide their daily bread.

While taking a bite of a freshly prepared sandwich, baguette or sub at any of the before mentioned restaurants. With your first bite, you’ll fall in love with the flavor of the bread and then noticed how it perfectly complimented each locations unique ingredients. Want to know why? You’re probably eating high quality all naturally made bread by Our Daily Bread Bakery.

Charlie D. of Harvey’s shared a review on Our Daily Bread Bakery recently and we wanted to expand further in brief interview.

How long has Our Daily Bread Bakery been providing your daily bread?

-For 8 months we’ve enjoyed using their bread.

How many items do you use the bread prepared at Our Daily Bread Bakery?

-We love their hoagie rolls! We use Our Daily Bread Bakery’s bread on sandwiches such as our famous Southern Philly Dips, Buffalo Chicken Hoagies, Sliders.

 Would you recommend other restaurants, sandwich shops, etc. to use Our Daily Bread Bakery?

-Yes, if I didn’t like as much as we do… We wouldn’t recommend it to anyone but thanks to it’s great quality and taste. I recommend all the local restaurants interested in “all natural, great quality bread!” use Our Daily Bread Bakery.

What other breads do you use prepared at Our Daily Bread Bakery?

-We use their Rye, Sourdough, and specialty slider size rolls. Their awesome!

Thanks Charlie. We appreciate you taking the time to share.

To all readers who are interested in enjoying a great meal that joins Our Daily Bread Bakery’s breads with Harvey’s (both locations) specialty sandwiches, Visit www.Harveyslkn.com for more information today!

 Develoing Great Baking Skills

Spend more than 5 minutes at the Cornelius location and you will get the opportunity to hear the owner or his kids share their journey with you. Cornelius, NC is the city Gabriel, his wife and children call home but prior to moving  to North Carolina and opening the bakery. Gabriel was blessed to grow up in the Transylvania region of Romania. I was in Sibiu, Romania where Gabriel’s Dad owned a family bakery and worked countless hours preparing breads and providing them to all the local cities. That bakery was Mr. Dumitrescu second home. Young Gabriel arm and arm with his Dad, developed great work habits, invaluable baking skills, and the techniques he now uses to prepare our daily bread.

The family bakery was also the place where Gabriel helped his Dad designed and build their brick baking oven. Coupled with great family recipes passed down from generations, their uniquely brick oven the key to baking all natural breads to perfection. For decades throughout Romania, locals traveled from city to city for the opportunity to buy the Dumitrescu family breads.

“Bread making is an art, and every loaf of bread is its own work of art,” Gabriel says. “I learned early on that the key to my success in America would be based on providing all natural baking goods and my Dad’s brick oven.”

His Dad’s brick oven however, was no longer in use and even if it was it was thousands of miles away. In the U.S. there was nothing like it. “Even the brick to make the oven didn’t even exist here, I had to work with a special fabricator in Statesville to make there natural bricks of clay,” he says. Take a moment to view their oven and its design via the “About Us” tab. You’ll see precisely its uniqueness and importance! At the completion of the brick oven, Mr. Dumitrescu smile with a sense of joy & relief. Over 10 year prior, Gabriel had moved from Transylvania and had to overcome many tough challenges. The moment of completion of the oven was the very moment that his dream became a reality. He now had the love, passion, and the key, his Dad’s brick baking oven.

Place an order online or pay them visit today to get a warm fresh taste of European history. If you’re lucky, Gabriel may even share a family recipe with you.



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